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You will receive a credit decision as soon as you complete the application. The money will be credited to your account in about 15 minutes and you will not incur any costs for concluding the credit agreement – thus, concluding the credit agreement without withdrawing money is free of charge.

The pricing of the service is clear and transparent. You can withdraw money from your credit account any time you want, and we will not charge you a withdrawal fee. Compare the different credit amounts in the Quote section.

How do I use the Fast Loans?

How do I use the Fast Loans?

Applying for a loan is easy and hassle free. All you have to do is sign in and withdraw the amount you need to your bank account. The average money transfer time is about 15 minutes. Our credit service is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

You can also complete your free application now and withdraw money to your bank account when you need it!

Credit repayment


You decide each month whether you want to save on expenses and pay it all in one go, pay off your credit in 36 monthly installments, or something in between. Fast Loans is flexible according to your life situation.

About the Fast Loans Credit


Fast Loans is a continuous credit line with a credit line of USD 100-4000 and typically a repayment period of 3-36 months. Expenses only accrue on the drawn credit. The GFI effective annual interest rate of USD 1,500 on outstanding credit is 29.97%.

Fast Customer Service is responsible for Fast Credit. If you already have an existing Fast Credit account, you will not be able to apply for a Fast Loans Credit, but will be directed to the Fast Credit Service Page for cash withdrawal.

If the customer is not in default of its debt recovery can be initiated by either a creditor or a third party. This may adversely affect the customer’s credit history. If the payment period expires and the customer does not extend the payment period, interest for late payment shall be charged on the amount due from the day following the due date, as well as any other recovery costs incurred.

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