Loan for Negative: Myth or Truth?

A survey by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (SPC) showed that more than 62 million Brazilians were overdue by September 2018. This means that, at that time, almost a third of the population was in negative status . A citizen-feared title that presents a totally unfavorable scenario for applying

How much can you borrow?

Are you thinking of taking a personal loan and have no idea what your limit could be? We explain. Not everyone knows, but the personal credit limit that a consumer can take is totally tied to their salary and their income commitment. But there may also be other variables that change this value, such as

The best time to borrow money

If you have in mind a goal or project that you want to start, and you are looking for a source of money, you are probably starting to consider the different alternatives to get cash advances. On the one hand, you can ask for money loans from friends and family, think about mortgage loans to

Credit for Negative ?

It happens to anyone: at one time or another, you can become negative. But this is not the end of the world: the credit for negatives or negative loans exists precisely to help in times of financial difficulty.   What does it mean to have the name denied? Being denied means having the name sent

Are Home Loans Really Expensive Now?

These days, you can say happy-unhappy talking about the World Cup and the rising cost of credit. Yesterday the World Cup ended, who decided whether he liked it or how satisfied he was with the end result. However, home loans and interest rates stayed with us. We would rather discuss this topic now, keep with

Borrow money for paying off debts

You must first ask yourself whether it is wise to pay off your debts with a loan. Applying for a loan can prevent your debts from rising further and you might run into problems. If you already have debts, the lenders will be extra alert when examining your application. If you have debts and you