Credit for Negative ?

It happens to anyone: at one time or another, you can become negative.

But this is not the end of the world: the credit for negatives or negative loans exists precisely to help in times of financial difficulty.


What does it mean to have the name denied?

credit denied?

Being denied means having the name sent to one of the credit protection agencies because of an overdue debt. In Brazil, these organs can be the SPC, SS Bank or CCF.

There is no minimum deadline for staying with the “dirty name”, meaning with a 1 day delay from any account, you may already be denied. This will depend on the lending rule of your lender.

However, this is not a common practice and creditors generally advise before sending your name to any of the bodies.


What is credit for negativado?

credit debt

The CF Credit is a type of personal loan granted to people who got their name dirty.

This is a special modality, since the restriction of your CPF is one of the main points evaluated by the institutions to grant any type of financial service.

In the case of credit with a dirty name, we make a careful evaluation of your financial profile, based on your account data, your credit score and other information during the registration process, to define whether or not to approve the request and conditions of the loan.


How to get credit for negativado?

How to get credit for negativado?

To get the restricted credit , you must make your request through our website. The form is 4 steps that must be completed correctly to better evaluate your profile.

The process is fast and you get a response in a matter of minutes. This answer can be:

  • Disapproved: In this case, you can try to request again, but reducing the amount or term of the installments. But we advise you to wait one to two months to try to make a new request;
  • On verification: it means that our analysis was not conclusive and that we may need more data, which will be requested by email or telephone, to give the final answer;
  • Approved: In this case, the money will be deposited in the account informed within 48 hours after the approval.


What cares for those who are negative?

credit negative

There are some precautions you should take if you are down:

  • Make your registration positive: the positive register can help you to get credit for negativado – you can make yours by the site SE Finance;
  • Take care of your financial planning: Keeping track of how much you spend to make sure it’s less than earned is critical;
  • Be careful with credit card: Of course card is a convenient form of credit, however, this convenience can make you spend more than you can afford if you do not have good control.

Getting a dirty name takes away anybody’s sleep, but with a little bit of control and planning, you can request our credit to be denied and have the opportunity to get some help to review the situation.

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