Good Finance is the first to offer a qualifying home loan with a 3-year interest period!

The bank, which is a pioneer in offering a fixed-term consumer-friendly home loan product with a fixed period of 3 years, is none other than Good Finance Bank!

We have learned from Good Finance Bank that it is the first of a series of commercial credit institutions to introduce the Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan product, which has a variable interest rate every three years, because it has earned the rating in the MNB application.
Good Finance’s consumer-friendly home loan product has been available for sale and sale since July 24, 2017, in short.

Good Finance offers the following interest periods

• A home loan for an optional term of 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

What Can Customers Get a Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan?

• used and newly built residential and holiday property, construction, purchase of building land to replace existing loans.

It is beneficial because

• There is a 3 year interest period
• Can be booked for a variable interest period, meaning that if you announce it well in advance, 30 days prior to the record date, changing the interest period is free of charge.
• 15 days from the completion of the valuation and its usability to evaluate the loan.
• There are 2 days for disbursement. (if disbursement conditions are met)
• The prepayment fee is “small”, 1% of the amount paid, if it is canceled from LTP it is free.
• Good Finance payout commission is now free with a special discount of 0 Ft.
• The bank also bears the cost of ownership and copy of the map, as well as the administration of the Land Registry.

And something else besides Good Finance Bank!

And something else besides Good Finance Bank!

• $ 100,000 credit, if you take out a loan here, the appraisal fee will be refunded and the interest will be reduced for anyone who applies for a loan for a term of 3 years. And because a 3 year term loan is a bit cheaper than a 5 year or more term loan.

If you are looking for a loan, you are interested in what you can do, call our credit broker to help you make a professional decision!

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