Loan for Negative: Myth or Truth?

A survey by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (SPC) showed that more than 62 million Brazilians were overdue by September 2018.

This means that, at that time, almost a third of the population was in negative status . A citizen-feared title that presents a totally unfavorable scenario for applying for loans or a credit analysis with financial institutions.

However, it is myth to say that negatives will always fail during a credit analysis, as there are other factors that are taken into account at the time of approval.

Some factors such as a fixed personal current account salary or possession of material assets such as home and / or car, paid off on your behalf can help a lot at this time.

There are some negative loan options that banks and financial institutions accept. They are: loan according to the profession, which acts as a credit analysis according to the stability of the person, and the secured loan (EGI).


Loan according to profession

Loan according to profession

Some banks offer loans to negatives, but release money to the negatives according to their profession or financial stability.

Civil servants (servants) and military personnel are more easily accepted, for example. INSS retirees and pensioners are also approved in a more uncomplicated manner.

This is because they are people who receive the monthly salary or benefit directly in the checking account. In this way, banks are able to withdraw payment on loan installments before the amount falls into the person’s account.

This type of credit fits into various types of lending because, in this case, what matters is the assessment of the indebtedness profile and the security that financial stability offers banks or credit institutions.

If you do not identify with one of these professions, the tip is to start renegotiating your debts with the banks and perhaps lowering the repayment amount or decreasing the loan amount required to pay off the debts.

Another very relevant tip is to exchange all your debts from various places for a healthier one in one place, such as opting for EGI, for example.


EGI to get you out of debt

debt free

Another possibility for you who want to pay off debt and reestablish a good relationship with the market is to opt for the secured loan , EGI, offered by Tcredi and can be done at any time of your life.

This option can be requested 100% online and works as a loan for negatives in individuals and companies. That is, small entrepreneurs, professionals and investors can also apply.

EGI has lower interest rates than those offered by other modalities, the payment term is extended up to 180 months and, after credit analysis and approval, the money arrives in your account within 10 days.

The secured home loan also works as a loan for companies that want to expand or for people who need to renovate or build.

You can do a credit simulation and more fully understand if this is the best option for you.


Have financial health!

money loan

For both individuals and businesses, at a time when debts are high and the name is “dirty” in the marketplace, it is extremely important to initiate a financial re-education process to clear the name.

For entrepreneurs, it is essential to keep a company’s financial health under control, to categorize spending, to have effective inventory control, and to initiate strategic business and cost planning.

For individuals, the tip is to start putting all expenses at the tip of the pencil, understand everything that comes in, what are the fixed and variable expenses of the house and where you can start saving.

In addition, for both cases, increasing the serasa score can offer ease in negotiating debt and starting a better relationship with financial institutions for future lending.

To help you with this education and better control of your money, we have made a checklist of good financial education practices . It facilitates the maintenance of good habits and contributes to better management of your money.

From all this information, we hope you will make a good loan choice for the negative and end the debt headaches once and for all!

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